I feel, therefore I am...

Tuesday, October 31, 2006


For the most part guys (who never stop being boys) are overbearing, quarrelsome, cold and stubborn...
But damn it..
They also have ruffled hair, deep almond eyes, puffy faces, chubby cheeks and sensuous husky voices...
Just cannot help falling in love...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

The Bazaar

I like to take an aimless walk through Thane bazaar. Many a times I have chosen to take (even at the cost of being called insane) this long route from Thane station to Teen Hath Naka just for the simple pleasures it gives me. This almost daily ramble brings delight to every sense. Sometimes when I have felt lonely, I have also tried it as therapy….and it has worked wonders to walk through the road oft taken but never the same.
Like any other market place, the right side of the road is lined up with bhajiwallahs singing full throated in praise of their wares and the heaps of colorful vegetables. on the backdrop of the whirr of vehicles and the din of horns, some sounds are more vivid: the dhinchak beats of the latest Himesh Reshamiya hit, the remix naturally created by the rhythmic ding dong of the bells and the popular song on radio at a raswanti griha, the bursts of laughter, the crackle of pop corns and much more…
However the most I enjoy is the company of unknown people. People of different shapes and sizes. A bored husband looking at the watch, a wife ogling at saris a couple that cannot stop smiling, a kid tagged along the mother (sometimes the other way round), superwomen laden with carry bags and responsibilities….
The smells too offer a pleasing variety. If I were blind folded, I would still be guided by these smells. The freshly mopped MacDonald floor, exotic incense stick at a sweet shop, nose tickling aroma of vada paav, hospital odor, and a tasty whiff of freshly baked biscuits.
This almost poetic exhibition of variety manages to touch me even when I think of this bazaar of Thane…

Friday, October 27, 2006

The tone setter

I am a teething writer.
now this phrase "teething" is sure to evoke an image of a toddler, straight out of some Anne Giddes greeting card. A tiny winy mouth babbling to itself, experimenting with new words; sparkling eyes taking a peek into everything around and mischievous hands taking every liberty to find the whys and the hows of things.
This infant does not boast of making any difference to the world, but somehow manages to do a lot by its very blissful ignorance.
So here is an attempt to unleash the child within me, of participating fully in life, winking at its oddities , pampering the most ignored things around me. With a child's eye, looking at myself growing up a wee bit each day.